Meeting you was an accident. Being friend with me was your choice. We were chalk and cheese but we were eminent chums who can’t sit devoice.


You were girl with long curly hairs, I was with short one. Both were pretty in their own way. Checking each and every boy, and asking each other “what say?”


We were partners in crime, backers in each other’s void. We laughed enormously and frequently had cried.


I know your darkest secrets keeping them lock inside me. You know who I am, more than anyone would ever perceive me.


But, suddenly time changed and we grew apart. You went your own way, leaving me a far. This was the first time our appartitions were at bizarre.


I tried to stop you, remembering all old times. “Friends never ditch”, you told me once upon a time. But, something we have always done out of the box, this what you was doing this time.


You ignored me today as the way we used to ignore the people who were bane. My soul crashed from knowing that the best friend have become stranger again……



Walking but learning…..

I set on a journey, without any destination. Just to observe and sink in stranger’s lives,without their acknowledgement. I walked straight on my path, which led somewhere and I haven’t any idea where did it end. I walked slowly under innumerable constellations, with moon walking steadily ahead of me.

The place wasn’t meant for meditation, it was full of concoction of different sounds, of different worldly things. Path was bustling with bikes and cars. The dark night seemed as brighter than day due to fluorescents ligted in huge buildings. Smoke of vehicles had formed clouds in clear sky, but I was walking in such unrealistic world. But it was fun to see different characters around me.

The aunties in sarres with large butts and tummies expanded till eternity bargaining to the vegetables seller. It seemed that one single penny can make big differences in life. An old slender uncle with small cap on his head walking swiftly, it felt like something he had left to take with him and so he is partially running to get home. A small toddler crying, yelling to his loudest voice possible. His stubbornness for getting favorite toy, is remarkable and shows we shouldn’t be settling for less. A young man with thick mustache dressed in formals and bag on shoulder, his face was tired but his eyes showed the happiness, which he gained from doing hardwork. He was in hurry to reach home and embrace his daughter tightly. One of the couple arguing for which of the product was best, it showed that both have their point of view and it was clear that both had equal rights among them. Few eve teasers were on, with their gangs, staring at each and every girl passing by. I felt pity for them as there was actually something wrong with them. Few young people talking softly on phone, with blushing cheeks and their smile stretched to its extinct. This Showed that the love and romance can be done even on 7 to 6 cm handset. I was moving in my own thoughts of different people around me, it was fun and totally a learning session. An old woman with hump on her back was walking with the help of stick. She wasn’t in distress about her abnormality she walked with confidence and guts in crowded street. Few groups of teens, laughing and making gesture of high five, walking and enjoying in their peers company. Eating ice cream and bullying their one of the friend. It was so beautiful to watch a relation of friendship. Which shows fights, love, care and compassion. One of the girl in heavy makeup and overly dressed, walked by doing cat walks. Just to gain attention. While one of the middle aged man was seeking for the address, by asking each and everyone on the street.

But in all these somethings we fail to notice, like a beggar begging on the signals. A poor lady asking for money with a little child in her arms. We even don’t notice the cobblers sitting side of the roads. I think they do most appreciable job. They save us from embarrassment of sudden breaking of sandal on the way, it’s obvious we will not rush in shops for getting new pairs immediately. Or small stalls of ice cream, bhelpuris or gol gappes. They not only sell their vends but also happiness.

It was a great experience to observe different personalities and walk on the road. Many were there with me, some where pedestrian, some bicyclist, some in their bullets while some in cars and rickshaws. Everyone was walking with different perspectives, different goals. Some where walking towards home from tiring day at work. Few women walked in hurry to meet her child. Few where going to work, in night shift, some running to hospitals, while some going to fancy restaurants to have dinners. Everyone was beaming more or less. They were wearing the mask of lucidity. Like if the problem is kind of nothing in there life, they lived something irrational perfect life. But no one knows what they are going through, we never know the person who is walking, having little smile may have cried hard at his home, or had lost his child few days ago…..

Stay kind, but alert!!!

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But I love my Nation…..

I flew high in the vast sky,

In the search for my fills.

Under blue sheet of the sky,

It was a immense thrill.


I landed on the home,

Who worshiped moon.

Wearing round cap on dome.

Fed me grains, as a boon.


I set off again to fly high,

With the swollen chest.

For my nation, I sighed,

Unity in diversity, was blessed.


I came across a hut,

Entrance had fragrance stick.

With ringing bells, and guts.

They gave me water to drink.


My journey in infinity,

Was getting divine.

By the love from all community.

I was sure this nation was mine.


It wore the Himalayan crown,

Arabian washing it’s feet.

Eastern had greenery grown,

With west in white desert sheet.


Numbers of languages spoken,

With lots of it’s dialects.

Distinct culture are under taken,

People engrossed in lots of facts.


But there are black holes,

Sustaining in my mother land.

Of bribery, blood shed and riot,

termites eating strand by strand.


But I am free and delighted,

In tri-color of my nation.

Sun’s beam heavenly, is vibrant,

Moon is cold in wind aggression.

But I am in love with my nation.


P. S:-**** these represent end of paragraph!!

Happy 70 years of freedom to every proud Indian. I am happy to share this with you all. Being an Indian who is proud of it’s diversity and distinct identity in the world. While also in concerned with the issues affecting my mother land…….

Don’t leave my dreams.. 

I was going, leaving you behind, carrying your memories with me. It wasn’t destined to happen, it was you who wanted this.

The moments with you will be permanently stored in my heart. With pinch of regret that I can’t make them more with you now.

The very first sight of you is still crisp in my thoughts. Your big round dangles dancing as you walked in hurtle.

The day we first talked , my thoughts wrapped you, gluing in the name of love. I am wretched that I can’t hear you voice again.

I still recall your squinted eyes and shrunken nose, that you made when I pretended to not to understand your joke. Still I smile and wish you would do more and further more.

I never can forget, you are allergic to green chillies. I changed my preference of spicy to sweet. For my sweetheart that she doesn’t get fits of coughing.

How can I forsake your craze for shopping and reading. I always dreamed of doing the same with you, in cozy places.

We kissed, and took regard for each other but I was in love forever with you, while you in love for favors. You were hurricane with high velocity, who shook my spirit from within.

I can’t blame you for this sweetie, you will be my weakness in my life. Just do one last favor don’t leave my dreams ever.


Our India…… 

For 15th of August is just two days are left and everyone in India are getting ready to get patriotic. It’s a long back tradition going on in India and as being typical Indian, I thought to show my patriotism too. Everyone had praised and criticized India in different ways. Everyone have talked about our national leaders and there freedom struggles. There different ways of nonviolence revolution!!! How they desired to imbibe liberty, equality and fraternity in our India. They worked day and night for forming our constitution, for giving the government a one single rule book to run the country. Our constitution have adopted all the best things from all over the world. Our constitution explains each and every act in detail, so it is considered as largest constitution in the world. It is considered as nobility in constitution. 

But, then too what our country is today. After 70 years of Independence too do we proper democracy in our country? Are we actually proud for our country?  Or we simply blurt out what we have heard from generations to generations. It’s not like we don’t have proper rules and regulations, but all those are only limited and listed in constitution. It’s not seen following in our nation. Above all the rules there is a rule of “CHALTA HAI.”  It is prohibited to smoke in public, but though we might be coughing badly but we can’t say them with authority to not to smoke. These small rules are unfollwed without any fear of punishment. 

People who secure our laws are corrupt in very most times. In India instead of feeling safe we Indians get scared when we see cops. Our Indian cops are the best example of how to break rules without fear, if you get stuck in some unusual situations then our fuzzs have unwritten rules for  procrastinating the case or bribe us for getting in unearthly situation by mistake instead of helping us.  I have even seen the cops asking third party for what to do? Whether to fine or F.I.R. This what our India is.

My India, our India, his India, her India. Secularism  was added in preamble of our constitution for showing religious unity, but today whenever whichever newscasts you open and we will find the people hurting each other’s religious sentiments. This what the secularism means?? Or we simply joke about it. All the disputes of culture, linguistic basis makes our India’s condition worse. For all these one who is responsible is we. I, you and us. 

We even fight for tolerance and intolerance in us. I have distinct view on this and according to me we are very tolerant, like we never stop people from breaking rules instead we suffer all the mishap silently. Like it’s completely forbid for screaming in hospitals. For spitting in public places but we tolerate all this right?? And secondly we are completely intolerant too. We can’t hear a single thing against our religion. We simply are ready for killing anyone if someone criticizes something going wrong in our traditions. It’s like on the point of culture and religion basis we have kept our self on ignition, only one little acceleration and we are ready to move for even burning someone alive. But the things which really matters, we are blind towards it. I think not blind but simply we are just ignorant about it. 

This what our India is, where rules are mirage. Which we feel it is there but in reality ut doesn’t exist. If we are so prone to western culture, like celebrating 31st have become a compulsory tradition like burning diyas in diwali. So why not we accept the things which really are good for us. Like respecting each and every one’s thoughts. Doing something for country…. 

I am your Mother……. 💙 💙 

You have begun your life within me. You originated in me without any acknowledgement.

Bit by bit you blossomed in my unknown garden. Hiding from the world letting only me to feel you.

Your heart throbbed slowly, earlier. Making me content and complete. Soon the nature created your feet too.

You crawled in my womb, stirring yourself in my veins. Making me to notice you and I smiled at your delicate moves.

I chatted with you every stary night before falling asleep. I was nauseated but I still ate for you.

It wasn’t the love at first sight my child. It was pure and holy love which gives chills in spine.

Then, you were ready to open your eyes. To feel the moon’s coldness and the sun’s heat. You were ready to know the wonders of the world.

It was the day I would be seeing you from naked eyes. Embrace you in my arms and love you with open heart.

Though the labor pain was killing me. Making me to scream and moan. I felt to let my breath to stop and attain eternity. But to give you sight of world, stopped me.

You arrived by floating and sliding from me. You cried loud to see me suffering. I saw your little feet and palms painted with my blood.

I smiled by seeing your slumbering face. Hugged your tender body. It was you who was in my arms, but it was me who melted with joy.

Nature gave me the most precious gift. You gave me the role of mother. I was being completed by your birth. You gave me the new life and reason to live.

I have fed you in silent nights, when world slept we both stared and exchanged glances in calmed nights.

I have rushed after you to protect you from falling down. Helped you to take your first steps, when you were trembling on your feet.

I know the pain, which you feel after bruising knees. Whenever you cry, I would see my soul shedding tears.

I read your eyes, and my understanding about you is deeper than ocean. I love you the most in different ways everyday.

You are the most beautiful creature on this planet for me. I am your Mother baby. Who have sacrificed many things still wish to do more.


An Eye..

I can know is it day or night, I have seen the wonders like sunset & sunrise. 

I can twinkle and flicker with love and compassion. Nature’s truth bides in me. 

I can smile without lips and speak without words. Its me who initiate each conversation. 

I can feel the alchemy of love, with brilliant spark in me. I glitter and gesture about it.

 I can dream about gaining impossibilities. In silent and cold night. 

I am like an innocent child,who only knows the words of honesty. I feel euphoria even if the raindrop fell on my lids. 

I am the  deep ocean, only few can reach it’s depth. More you come closer the view of my beating heart will get its pace. 

I cry tears, when I am at pain. Only when I am done with emotional games. 

I chat a lot everyday, by seeing all the choas around. But only those can  hear me who have their path in my heart . 

I am golden shied by the zeal of love. I smile silently on the emerging emotions. Staring till heaven. 

I am the beginning of  every relation and its end too. I bliss the person and let it go away too. 

I aim to love, the charming creations. Sometimes I hate nasty. I am fond of rainbow but not that grey clouds. 

I shed tears in dismay as well as in joy. Letting world to know about my existence in every turns of entity. 

I am stubborn and mulish, never give up on things which I like. I fluently present myself  with confidence and boldness. 

Love with me is more intimate, which all can’t afford. I am little dork and numb, people scare to take step ahead. 

I can wink and give you hopes, but even I can squint and confuse you. I just don’t  see but can feel and express too.  


Tom the Polar Bear….. 

Once upon a time there lived an infant polar bear. With shiny black eyes and milky white furs. His fur was so perfect that it seemed like a coat. He resided in Artic circle, near the north  pole. With him his parents and other bear’s folks lived in Snow desert. His parents named him as Tom. Tom was cute and mysterious kid. His taughts were always of new adventures. Swimming was his favorite hobby and everyday he worked on new techniques of swimming. Secondly he liked gliding from glaciers,he used to glide straight from the higest glaciers of Artic circle. He loved that white snow desert. His day was well spent on doing all the adventures possible on the glaciers flakes. Another thing which he loved was teasing Seleena for whom he had secret crush on. Seleena was cutest and hottest young sow. 

One fine morning sun aroused with declining its rays to fall on circle. The folks of bear went to sea ice for having their breakfast, slimy seals. But Tom, He was busy in finding out new swimming stunts. His thought  were not only about how to prey for seals but learning new things by practically doing it.  But to his ears felt the words of other bears. They were talking about the new world which exists beyond the snow desert. The world is more colorful and beautiful than white snow. More than that their is lots of adventures to do. The colorful world  have giants trees, small herbs, sweet fruits, buried roots and bulbs. Birds flying high in sky and various flowers with sweet fragrance. Tom got curious, about the new world which was colorful. Till now he had just seen vast snow desert and had eaten only seals. 

Tom got curious about the new world, he started developing desire of reaching that place. Living on soil and feeling the warmth of the sun. He was now imagining about his new adventures in colorful world. He took vow to himself that he will see the colorful world soon. So he decided to talk with his paa about it. When the sun departed for new beginning all the bears took their shelter. And Tom went to talk with his father. 

“Paa, is it real that any more colorful world exists?. Which have billions of colors?” Tom asked curiously.                “yes, there is a world which is more colorful than here. It is just like paradise my son.” his dad answered. “Why don’t we go there?”                       “we can’t survive, thinking about it is also death. Nature have created us to live in this snow desert. So appreciate it.”                                             “hmm.” Tom said without questioning further. 

Tom didn’t slept early that night, but when he did he dreamed  about the colorful world and adventure. Tom’s desire for eloping to colorful world was growing. 

Sun stretched in sky  lightning partially the snow desert. All folks wakep up and engaged themselves in same routine of hunting of seals. But Tom was on different mission today, he started gathering the useful information about the coloful world from elders and his peers. 

Reaching another continent was not that easy,  he have to swim all the Artic ocean together. Secondly his body had adapted cold climate and suddenly going in hot weather was fatal. “No I can and I will.” Tom said to himself, he was very determined to see coloful world. 

One early morning when everyone was dreaming about more slippery seals Tom left for his new adventure ‘Colorful View.’ He didn’t inform his parents but left a sign to Selina that he loved her. 

He started swimming, Tom was a very good swimmer and it was just like a chocolate pie for him. Along with good he was a fast swimmer, he was swimming around  526 miles per hour. He swum avoiding all big glaciers smoothly. Soon the temperature begun to rise and Tom sweated for the first time in his life. He was so determined that he didn’t realize when he reached the shore. He kept repeating to himself that he will survive and this mantra was helping him. He tasted for the first time the starfish which was more yummy than seals. He took rest for few hours and after refreshing he left for finding trees and lots of trees. 

It was not the situation that his body was adapting. He was feeling sick and restless. Hot sun was burning his fur. But he didn’t even give a thought  of going back. 

He started walking with firm determination. He walked various miles and found a dense forest. With lots of trees and birds chirping in nest. The place was scented with fragrance of flowers. He have never seen this much of colors in his life. Adorable he taught. He tasted herbs and sweet fruits, saw different creatures, viewed the high flight of birds. No more the sun rays were harm to him. His body was adapting to new environment. He started doing there various adventures, like climbing trees. Swimming in rivers. AND many more. His new home was a cave in forest. New friends were different black bears and monkeys. He was happy and content but he never made his limits upto only finding colorful world. Everyday he gave himself new challenges and learned new things by doing it practically. He loved his life and never cursed his destiny like other polar bears who had limited themselves only to Artic circle. 

But sometimes he missed Seleena and wished he would had brought her along with him. 

His Phone call…… 

Her evening was occupied, by his call. No matter what the other priorities were………. 

She dressed her self and made her imaginary questioner to give him the rounds of questions……..  

During sunset with birds chirping in their nest for dark, children playing on yo-yo, her peers giggling on some silly jokes, but she waited patiently for her phone to ring by his call…….. 

 Her  taughts were about him, whom she have never met in person with. Her intuition made her certitude him. She gave her heart to him…….. 

Soon his name flashes on her screen, making her eyes sparkle and cheeks blush. Her trembling voice contradict with his stirring utter…..  .

They talk and talk more about their huddled day. They give their words new way. They try to make the best of the time on their cell phones.  

They complain, they laugh, talk about the Facebook and Instagram. They have brief chat on sunsets and rain, with poetry versions of clouds. 

The time vaporizes soon, on calls. They say millions of times miss you with melancholic voice. She wished to touch him and feel the trigger of his breath on her head. 

He was unaware that he has sown the seed of love in her heart. The seed have begin to sprout giving her the sense of insecurity. 

Whenever he called her name she felt blessed, she was falling for his voice and chuckles. She felt she was living her best days of her life. 

Sometimes he was her motivator, sometimes alarm clock and sometimes healer. He was her best friend who made her laugh when she even can’t smile, only through his voice. 

She didn’t knew the consequences of loving him, but then too she did.  She was getting connected in a way that she feels she was with him seating in his Economics lectures. 

Only way to talk with him was phone calls. They can’t stare and lock their eyes. Distance, first time was killing her. 

But she was getting mold in beautiful formation in their virtual togetherness. She  can’t kiss, or cuddle but she had her mental vibes which made her dreaming of their doom. 

He was like a night pillow to her which soothes you after the  frenzied day, like a morning coffee which boost you for  all day, a rose bud which would bloom to winsome flower.

For him she was his best friend. He told her love you with buddy evince to it. Sometimes he dreamt of kissing her, sometimes tickling her. But his past was that which bothered in his present. 

He felt he was falling for her, he felt he was missing her more than usual. He felt he was overcoming his past with mulish girl. 

  They were together but apart, by thousands of miles. Both struggled to have a chat. To explore each other’s soul. 

They gave their best to overcome distance. They came out with new stories to tell each other.  

But it was she who had  loved him. With all her heart… 

But all she had with her was his phone call in sundown…….  
P. S:- hey, Guys today was my first day of college for B. A first year. And it was a morning college, I was extremely bored off since first lecture. So I decided to do my favorite task and started scribbling for this post in my political science notebook. I am glad that my last page of political science have my writing on it….. 


Panic and terror developed in between the crowd.  

They trigger their Ak47 and people started falling, bleeding from different body parts. 

Blood shed from someone’s chest, someone’s head.

 People moan and groan, in pain. They were sheding tears, for loosing their loved one. 

Woman beat her chest wailing, by seeing her husband laying lifeless. 

Toddler ran aimlessly, howling in between those corpse. 

A girl sobbed quietly after realizing that she have become orphan. 

Old granny wished for death, laying injured between blood. 

Some lost legs, some hands, some would never see and some would never hear their loved one. 

Still, those demons were firing, firing with smile, with satisfaction. Firing in the name of almighty. 

They were not impel by that little toddler and little girl. 

They weren’t pity for women. 

They were ogre  dressed in human. Sympathy, pity and love they have never  taught  about. 

They butchered just for revenge. They assassinated hundreds of innocents. 

They spread voilance for the Supreme power. For religion,  for self reliable purposes. 

They killed hundreds of innocent  for getting paradise. An orthodox  reality.

There was hush and fear, mourning was spread in entire nation. 

Warriors fought bravely, on their lives, to save people. 

Candles were lit, for martyrs, for injured and prayers were done for their soul to rest in peace. 

 But no one said a word against those devils, they will be planning next murders. 

But loss of family, and pain in heart never would be healed. 

It would be alive in their hearts, all through their life…. 

Terrorism, on the name of religion, killing of innocents should be called at halt. 

Don’t you think this? It should happen…..