Are we Actually Free?

Hii!!! I am not able to sleep not because I am dreaming of some handsome guy but a question that “Are we actually free?” Is troubling me. We can’t live with our own consent,yes if we try we can but we fear to live. We have fear of rejection from the society. As an illustration I want to explain one simple situation as an Indian Girl I mostly find myself and my friends in this. ….Suppose if you dress up in proper ethnic salwar kameez which covers your entire body and go to hang out with friends then for sure you have to hear a big compliment of being “behen ji”  it’s Indian slang to describe a woman with old fashioned. And on contrary if you wore hot pants or shorts with sleeveless tops then your parents won’t be happy with you. Sometimes they will even won’t allow you to go out in those modern dresses as you will increase the level of testetron of boys on Street. See,  you can’t even wear the dress of your choice. Then how can we call us free. 

I think we are trapped in the cage of society. We are trapped in the other’s opinion. We all are familiar with saying “Laughing is the best medicine” but again we are familiar with if you laugh without reason you need medicine. I have to question this that does laughing actually needs any reason. Is there should be any rules to laugh or is it necessary that you should be judged on everything you do?  If we study too much we are nerd ” a boring person” if we don’t study then we are aimless people. Everywhere we are judged. If we hate any person then too we can’t offend us from talking with them because it’s generosity but in reality it’s mental torture which we do to ourselves. 

So are we really free or we are still trapped in imaginary cage of society???

One Reply to “Are we Actually Free?”

  1. I totally agree with you dear…
    Indian girls have to face so much yet politicians and every person in the society says that we are free. But in reality we are never given the freedom of our own life.
    Every person live their life on rules, ways, and suggestion of someone else. Noone is ready to find new ways inspite everyone follows each others like sheeps.
    Thanks for such a beautiful post.
    Please continue writing. God bless you.😇😁😙❤

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