Filthy Emotions…..

I  feel  one should not love the one who cannot love you back. The emotions in us creates a mess. Everyone in this world is bond of emotions. This emotions hurts , then make us cry and eventually loose hope. Why the emotions differ from person to person? Why you and me have different emotions? Some are happy to have me but I  am shameful that I have them. To the person I love the most the same person hates me the most. It is never the same that what we feel for the one person he also feel in same way. 

These all emotions are results of silly hormones. Here also we are controlled by nature. Here also we don’t have anything in our hands. Then why the hell are we existing???. Just to act like a puppet. 

Due to emotions we are tied up together. But what if it changes? It’s nothing in our hand. Emotions makes us good humans but at a same time some bad emotions makes us worst creatures on this planet. Emotion of hatred have taken lives of billions of people. while emotion of love have saved many lives. We homosapians work on our emotions before our circulatory system. Mother can die for her children just in flow of emotions. A boy can change his emotions for his parents for a girl. 

People make us emotional fool why because we are drawn easily towards feelings. Emotions have created confusion to man kind since ages. In Ramayan too lord Rama left his kingdom in sake of emotions. Which led to great war.  This was mythological but in reality the world war 2 was the result of emotion of hatred for each other.I think all the choas in human society are the results of emotions . So what if we were robots ???

10 Replies to “Filthy Emotions…..”

  1. Yeah… i agree with your post.
    Idk if someone has said u this earilier or not but i would like to mention that u increase the curiosity of a reader to read further n create a very well bond between the reader n ur words. Each of ur lines makes us to think about the concerned topics. U should also try to write some ideology based posts and motivating experiences of ur life so that ppl can enjoy reading.
    Hope u will think about my suggestions. I feel speechless reading ur posts. Plzz plzz plzz continue writing on interesting n diverse topics. You can acheive better. God bless you. With love ur fan~prabhashkriti.❤💟

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