Nope we are best friends!!!

I couldn’t find him in class room.”where the hell is he wondering?” I taught to myself. My heart have always sank whenever I didnt see him on his place sitting with his book and mugging up. But today he was not there. His bench was empty and I felt everything was missing in class. I want him desperately to tell about my new dress and shoes which I have bought last night. I know it was  bore for him to listen about the latest trends in girls fashion but he never showed it to me and even I didn’t mind to share with him all those craps. 

No no don’t misunderstand like others that we are in relationship and he is my obidient boyfriend. He will be  more special to me than any boyfriend if I ever have. I am talking about my best friend Vishal, but let me clarify he is my secret bestfriend, because in Indian culture a matured and young guy and girl cannot be even “Just friends” so leave about “bestfriend”. I loved him and he was only genuine friend I have. We were together since grade 1 and still together in our first year of graduation we haven’t been separated. Our closeness led to various fake a roumers of our relationship so we decided to stay apart infront of this world. That what we would do to save our friendship. 

We were partners in crime,he have never done booze party without me, we studied together,help eachother in examination,talk about our crushes, make jokes on ugly people around us, we used to share everything from chocolate cake to every secret. I was comfortable talking to him about anything from menstruation to masturbation. I never felt ashamed of him. He is the best buddy you can have. But now he was missing and lecture would start in 5 minutes. 

Yup, I told best buddy because if any boy protects your first menses stains from being a public talks then obviously best would be small word to describe his integrity. It was 6 years back I and Vishal were in grade 7 it was Saturday and we had white uniforms I was dressed in my uniform which have white skirt and shirt. All was good till fourth lecture and there was no any symptoms of my first menses. Actually the first menses  always are surprise visit moreover it is a shock that we no longer are young girls and have to face this messy bleeding every months till menopause. Our fifth lecture was physical training in which we mostly used to play different sports and Vishal loved this lecture as he can freely stop mugging. Bell rang and teacher who was taking fourth lecture left the class,I was extremely excited  to play basketball with Vishal, and yeah in rainy season the fun is at different level on basketball court. I stood up from my place to go as everyone in the class had formed the queue and were ready to board. 

“Hey, Vishu lets move don’t you want to go for P.T?”I asked him and tried to pull his hand.

“I think we should stay in class.” He replied to my over excitement by frowning. 

“What!!But why?” I was bblown by his sudden disapproval of not attending P.T lecture. “Impossible,huh Vishal declining for P.T ” I taught to myself my mouth still open in shock. 

“Will you stop questioning me ?and please sit down,please.” This time it was louder than before and I obeyed like docile sheep. I sat on my place and kept my mouth shut. I was just staring at him quietly ,he looked tense “something is bothering him,his new crush?” I was just thinking about what he was concerned . Soon everyone from class left and he spoke. 

“You are not normal.”                                            “What? Excuse me you are abnormal today refusing to go to P.T ,its just next to impossible you know” I replied but unaware about his concern.                                                “You know you have something red spots on your skirt which look like bloood.” Finally he spoke about what was bothering him.       “What? Really!” This was second time I was blown away by him . I stood up and with partially movable back and neck I saw that 3 red spots on my skeeming white skirt. “Have you spread ketchup on my place Vishal?” I was now screaming by this trauma . “No ketchup,I haven’t bought ketchup its blood.”     “I will die.” I hold my tears and said to Vishal. “Are you nuts?” He snapped me back “you go in washroom and check it would be better,and whetever it would be we have treatment for everything.” He consoled me and I moved towards the washroom. 

I returned within 10 minutes to the class. He was moving to and fro in class and he was actually tensed. “What it is? I mean blood from where ..” He asked but I cut him in middle and spoke”I think its mensuration remember we learn in reproduction chapter.” I tried to be normal as it appeared normal in book,but this first mensuration had given me trauma about bleeding in every month. “Oh!! Yeah is it?” “Hmm its bleeding from birth canal.” I felt awkward saying Vagina. 

“Its your first time ,right?” He asked mostly smiling.                                                                   “Yep”my voice much lower then before.          “Congratulations for being woman.”he shook my hand after saying this                        ” woman! Am I now woman? ”                          “Yeah,just be chill.and celebrate your first day of being woman.”he almost hugged me . I didn’t understand what was going on here my vagina had constant blood flow with some clots and my best friend is telling to celebrate for first day of womanhood ,”but he knows biology better than me,.” I reminded my self as his dad was a doctor. 

“But stains?” I asked in innnocently by making my face like a baby                                “I am there I will protect it.”he said and grinned at me . He walked behind me after that whole day in way that my skirt was not visible to anyone. 

So again what do you want from any of your friends more to do? He is always there in my destitution and cared for me. But now I don’t know where he is. 

“Hey,did you see Vishal arround?” I asked one of my classmate.                                            “Umm. Vishal your boyfriend right I have seen him nowhere.”he replied                           “Nope we are bestfriend.”             


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