My Scars…….

“Arya are you ready.” My mom asked me. Ohh sorry I am Arya and I am of just 19. And today boy and his family are coming to see me moreover examine me before marriage,yeah I know its too early and I am too young to marry. But I am not a normal girl so that I can study freely and achive my ambition marry a boy of my choice. Its just impossible for me .umm… because I am raped. And yes, no one will marry me if I said my future groom that I was raped,though I have done no mistake but have to suffer in my life. I tell you life changes after you are sexualy abbused. My life have became worst at my home and after that dreadful incidence my outside world have ended. My life is hell now and it will become more worse after marriage when my husband will know that her wife is not virgin. Though my virginity is loss by sin,but then too my parents want to push me in hell.  And I can’t protest because I have no right to say. Just see my only mistake was attending extra classes and my life became hell and the devil who did this to me is enjoying his victory in making girl small. Every night I see him in the dearm having wicked smile on his ugly face. I still sense his bad touch on my thighs,I still see his lips coming closer to mine whenever I close my eyes. Still my breasts pain due to his inhuman behaviour. 

But no one cares about me and they don’t give damn in punishing that demon because it was mine mistake of wearing skirt that day. Anyway how could he control his urge for touching me,mens never do mistake that what society thinks..that what my parents think..its we girls who are whore. I want to scream and make the world know that I was raped ,I was raped by that guy. I don’t want to be silent cryer. I don’t want  to marry anyone by telling lie or hiding the truth. I don’t want to hide my scars . I want to live my life again. 

“Listen you do heavy make-up and use more concealer to hide this nail scratch over your neck,and why these half slevees wear full sleevs otherwise your lashed hands will be visible.”my mom instructed me to hide my scars. 

“But my life have got big scar maa. How should I hide that?” I asked her ..I asked her because I too want the answer. I was raped just  2 weeks ago and today my marriage will be fixed. No one cares for my life but everyone is busy hiding these temporary body scars ..

“Just don’t make any bullshit there. Because of you already we have suffered.” My mom answered. But is this was answer to my question? They are also unaware of my answer. And yeah,I have made them suffer by being raped so they may be taking revenge by making my life worst. 

“But Maa…”I tried to speak to her but she left by waving her hands in disgrace. Again she left me alone with my wound and suffering. 

21 Replies to “My Scars…….”

  1. Our society is too cruel. It’s truth of our society. Still, some places in India girls marriage happened in early age I mean in less than 18 years . And a girl with sexual abuse or if a girl have got pregnent or abortion at early what it means her life is finished and she thrown away from the house in any hand their parents find early and yes by telling lie to them. And why don’t girl decide when she will have to marry or not.

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  2. in sabhi tarah ke apradho ki sabse badi wajah hai education or talim aaj ke modern yug me education high profile me di ja rahi hai lekin bachcho me talim ki kami hai yah talim ki suruaat ghar se hoti hai or samaj tak pahuchti sath hi bharat ki ek bahut badi aabadi 78 % log noneducate hai is liye bahut bade paimane me logo ke vicharo me badlao lane ka ek hi tarika hai ki sarkar siksha bajat badhaye or school college university khole na sirf khole balki unka behtar sanchalan ho aisi vavstha kare sath hi kanooni karvai ko saral banaya jaye taki jab kisi mahila ya purush ke sath is tarah ki koi ghatna ghate to wah khud ko kanuni taur pe asahaay na paye

    sath siksha is tarah ki ho ki bachche naya sikhte rahe sath hi unme naye logo ko janne ki praviti panap sake unki sanskriti sambhyata or vicharo ko janne ki jigyasa aa sake taki wah samaj me ja kar virodh karne se pehle har pehlu pe vichar kar sake warna wahi hota rahega jo aaj ho raha hai hamme se bahut se log padhe likhe hai lekin iske bawajud hamme se bahut se padhe likhe log bhi ab bhi bahut se bure kuprathao pe yakin karte hai or unhe svikaarte bhi hai

    is lekh ne mujhe bahut hi andar tak chua aisa laga jaise mere samne ek pidit ladki bethi hai jo apni aap biti suna rahi

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