….I am good!!!

It is really funny when you ask for appreciation And people began to show their  own talent. It makes me think if I am doing crap or they are bond to do it. Even we are not sure that they are jealous of us or are insecure about themselves. 

I have experienced this pretty much times. This  make you to feel small,your talent get hurts . They never leave any chance to lower your self-esteem. I feel either to run way or sink in earth. Most of the time inferiority complex arises in our near and dear ones , it only happen when we start to grow and they still lie on same place. It can be your best friends too or even your siblings. They always comes with there own suggestions or in extreme cases they even copy you and try to show that they are superior. But in reality it is nothing to do with you as by doing this they are satisfying their own ego. 

But muddle is when they start giving you false correction or makes criticism only for the sake of revenge . Something inappropriate about our work  always lowers our self-regard.,these things makes us to think more and act less and through which we gradually stop doing those things . So whenever you find such people make distance from them stop displaying your achievement. Lower self esteem is much harmful then anything..

Always appreciate your self by saying I AM GOOD…..BUT DON’T MAKE YOUR EGO ACCEPT YOUR FLAWS AND CORRECT IT 

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