“Oh!!! Fuck such a high cut off.” my stomach felt uneasy after seeing 95% on my laptop screen. I was on 82% resting.  There would be no chance of getting into my dream college. Dream college was going to be just dream forever. Getting entry as a student of Xaviers seems impossible and drooping face of my parents bought more churn in my stomach. Finally I was eligible to vote I taught on my 18th birthday but more than voting I needed Xaviers and I was not eligible for it. Am I even eligible for my ambition to be CEO? The question was haunting me but seeking answer of it will be more horrible so I kept myself busy in novel “Faking 19” of Alyson Noel. Her stories always kept me busy and her stories succeed in avoiding haunting questions about my future. 

By the way I am an ordinary kid of 90s. Especially me is total mediocre. We didn’t see android just after the umbilical cord was cut neither did we know about YouTube at the age of three. There is a different story of 90s kids which is definitely not a story of today’s kids especially after the scheme of digital India. Things evolved much but our world always revolved around our parents. We started our educational journey from Jr kg mostly at the age of four. For the most of us the school was fun. New friends and loving teachers admired us. Learning to write alphabet with help of dots and additions with drawing balls or lines will be in our golden days. Coloring with utmost care so that we don’t endup coloring beyond outline of circles or square. Today all those tasks seem silly or it would be easiest to do but at that time when we do it perfectly we used to feel privileged and we  see us as achiever..

Getting home from school and hugging mom as we have missed her alot or seeing her after long time make us love her more. Asking for food, and eating less and splitting more. Just after the food taking nap and then doing homework because we feared teachers more than parents, homework was always done in hurry because the condition was that after completing the work only we can go for play. Yes, we played, we played on open grounds and on mud. We played football and cricket by our own rather in screen. We decorated dolls by our own hands but not only in mobile. We played with our friends by holding their hand rather than typing on phone. We used to sing school rhymes aloud rather than just listening on laptop. 

Dancing in first rain and making paper boats and floating it in water puddles gave us 100 dollar smile. Making paper rocket and flying it in class was adventure as it was restricted in school. Running after the kite to catch it when it fall from the infinite sky. 

Like wise I am a girl and my girlfriends also deed the same as far as I know. We girls always admire to be a woman, to dress like them to behave like them. Moreover to look like a lady at the age of 5 is difficult but we always managed with duppata and some heel sandals. Little bindi stickers. Actually, the fact was that we looked extremely funny as if a clown to entertain public but it satisfied us and encourage us to seek for more mummy’s duppata. Making imaginary food in little fiber utensils and playing role of mom of our dolls. We played as a perfect home maker I doubt any of us would will be so perfect in real life or not. Even today I am seeking for Xaviers to get better job but not be just home maker. Boys always admired cars and trains. They played cricket with commenting on their own shots. Moving 5cm small car to and fro and making sound of car’s engine like vroom vroom from their own throat. It was irritating but intresting at same time. It was total contradiction that we were little kids but act to like as elders. 

 “Moron,  if you have studied harder you would have got Xaviers.” my best friend called me at it was a video call. I would see her face and feel how happy she was in getting into my dream college, I am possessive for everything. She was  yelling at me, I felt to hit my phone hard on marble tiles but couldn’t afford new phone                                                                 so  I go”congo, finally you are going to Xaviers.. By the way when you are updating your Facebook profile to Xaverites. ” I felt to vomit when I said Xaverites it was the title which I wanted to gain. Yeah, I am jealous umm I am not kid now remember I told you I have completed 18. I hanged the phone and saw to the picture of Alyson Noel in novel she looked happy so must stick with her. 

As a kid I was never jealous not even of over achievers. I was happy with my little intelligence. Life was easier and there was no boundaries of imagination. Hopes and dreams always grew never decreased in childhood. Friendship have no boundaries. Bonding with everything seemed simple. That time we feared of ghosts but today people are more horrible. We were proud  owner of our toys. 

Running back of ice-cream trucks and crying for chocolate seems easier than scoring 95%. We prayed to God for rain to be stopped so that we can go for play or our favorite toy not for college. Birthday parties was exciting and we aspired to get a piece of cake which have cherry. Illusion of milk tooth turning to 5rs coin after keeping it under pillow at night and imaginary world of fairies always fantasized us. Fighting with our friends and being friends next day again. Forgetting bad memories but keeping good was the best thing I loved. Watching pogo after the mom slept at zero volume. Fighting for remote with siblings. Making sand castle and breaking it for just fun. 

Whatever it would be ;its just memories……. 


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