Why should I regret to be a girl??? 

Are you happy to be a girl? Or sometimes you feel you should be a boy? Have you aspired being a tomboy? Or have you felt girl’s life is not that cool like of boys? Have you ever felt to wear leather jackets with denims and drive a bullet? Surely many of you may be doing it. 

But why not to be a girl who looks pretty in her curls. Who gives a grin to every toddler passing. Who wears black khol to protect herself from omen moreover to give her eye a beautiful look. Who cooks and learns how to manage a family from her mother. Who  gives her papa change when he is leaving for work. Who studies hard so that she can make her parents proud. Who take care of her younger sibling just like a mother. Who skip everyone’s heart whenever she wear that pink saree.  

Its not like I am going out of track of feminism but even though I, find though being a girl we sometimes endup regretting it. Muddle is when we act like male but forget our speciality. Women are most beautiful creatures on this planet not because of her curves but because of her intelligence and potential. Only woman can work from 9 to 5 and then make dinner for her in-laws. Who takes care of her child and give her good up-bringing. Its women who wears 5 meter cloth around her and do all house chores. Who comes to the unknown house and make it her own. She gives birth to new life and make it a good human being. Only girl can start her day from 5 am and cook first meal for her family, then make husband and child ready for their work and school after she goes to her workplace. She Handels clients more efficiently than others. She manages finance and accounts just as it was piece of cake for her. Working with all her efforts in office and mounting ladders of sucess. After using so much of her brain its not like she will go home and relax in cushiony sofa. But as soon as she knock the door her little toddler would be waiting for her. Mess which he made have to clean up by her and after all she have too cook for her family. Its like every woman are boon with special powers, powers to make a cheerful family, solving everything from her intelligence. She is source of strength, love, compassion, frutile life. A man is incomplete without woman. 

A man have to depend on woman for food, washing, cleaning etc etc. So bachelor’s flat is pungent when entered. But if woman earns she is just like a free bird who depends only on herself not  on any other for single thing. So girls never feel shame to learn house chores it just makes you more free and confident. 

We  should feel lucky to be born as a girl. We are not weaker section so that we should fight  for our powers, only thing is to make notice of what powers we behold. Never get upset that you bleed, its what the life is and you are lucky that you have power to give life. Obligation and restrictions  should not stop you from dreaming. Don’t make yourself small by thinking that you are a  girl. Always feel lucky to be a girl. If you actually want  to be a son then stop making yourself to look like a boy, in plaid shirt and funky denims. Work on your dreams be something that any boy would aspire to do. Let society recognize your parents by your name, then you could be the real son of your parents, infact more than son. So dressing like Tomboy doesn’t makes you boy but your deeds makes you a good human. Then Why to regret to be a Girl? 

13 Replies to “Why should I regret to be a girl??? ”

  1. It’s a tabbo which society has forcefully pasted on girls. That they are weaker sex, wrong it’s not weaker they are meant to be what they are, they are tender not weaker . What can be more painful than giving birth to a child. And it’s not the males who carry them in their tummy. So it’s better to recognize their contribution and give them the respect they deserve.


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