Love with moon

Loneliness is killing her….

False soul what she have always stumbled across….

Feeling unloved and hatred….

Her throat have lumped, by crying fat tears…. …

Panic is always over her, with overwhelming grief…….

Her giggle disappeared and she is like a silent water…..

She herself have solaced her by staring at the vague moon……..

With same moist eyes and parched lips she smiled at moon in hopes to shine brighter………

Her eyes were sore and red and loving darkness, no one would question her tears in silent night……….

Love of moon kept her moving, she woke up not for viewing those sunrise or to walk in twilight but stare at the moon which was full of scars…….

She is devoted to moon, it made her feel her scars worth. It made her feel, the scars which makes one beautiful…..

Soon she was in love with moon with scars……


30 Replies to “Love with moon”

  1. You’ve got your own distinct style of writing and that’s beautiful. Keep writing, you’ve a lot of potential in you. And I couldn’t help but notice the comment above, I know the pain, I have a younger brother 4 years youngerand he’s a pain in the ass. But siblings are meant to be this way. Haha.. Let that little one be. And keep up your wonderful writing. Much love ❀

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  2. Okay. Calm down namrata.
    I’ll write it.. Yet again.
    You’ve got a distinctive writing style which is beautiful.
    You’ve got a lot of potential in you as a writer. Keep writing.
    Also I couldn’t help but notice for comments above.
    About that naughty baby brother of yours , well I’ve got one too.. And I know the feels.
    Let that little one go..
    Siblings are meant to be this way..
    Now, you just focus on writing such beautiful pieces. And you’ll receive all the love and encouragement from your friends here in the blogging world!
    Much loveπŸ’›,

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