Everyday the writer lives someone else’s life……. 

She writes,she jottes, she scribble.

About mountain’s peak hidden in clouds, About the ripples in pond. About those singing birds and that hoary tree.About those scary waves of sea. About those millions stars in velvet sky. About dark night and dusky day. About the ripen fruits and that tiny daisy. About the girl behind the next street and the toddler crying after beat.

She writes about her incomplete love and her past lovers. She writes about her infinite crushes. She writes about true love. About parental love and describes the bicker of siblings. She draws sketch of friendship through words.

She feels the pain after betrayal, of the boy laying drunk. She jots exactly the eyes of the” girl of his dreams”. She fathoms the love at first sight. She interpret the concern of the mother. She knew onus of being wife. She feels their role in herself and makes it incredible with her words.

Though she is single but knows how it is to be in a relationship. Though she doesn’t smoke but writes about the grey smoke blew from the pouted lips. Though she is virgin but knows what is to make love. She might have never kissed but beautifully inscribes it. She is well known about loneliness and being uncherished.

She feels the alchemy of locked eyes. She paw the scars of raped girl. She sees the moist eyes of widow. She feels the pain of childless woman. She herself live different life everyday.

Her words describe her, her soul and her taughts. She live for her words and her mental scenarios. She had cried and faced penury, with compassion.

Sometimes she feels blessed , sometimes regrets but most of all she gives her part and takes everyone’s grief and joy in her life in a sublime way.


Everyday the writer lives someone else’s life…….

29 Replies to “Everyday the writer lives someone else’s life……. ”

  1. You know the amazing part.. a writer writes keeping himself in every situation which he want to write and 90 percent chances are there that the writer has himself or herself has gone through it. But when he or she write it down. Readers also starts to attach their story with the narrative of writer.

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