First Post for nomination….. 

Hi!! I am just happy that Mr. Praneet Shekhar to nominate me for this award. Thank you so much. 

To write  about me is little difficult, you know I can write all the things around you but me! Its something difficult but I will try to break the back of the beast. I will try to be real and completely honest not bringing my imagination here. 

So starting with me, I am a girl who have currently turned to 18 and I am glad that no more I am in those filthy teenagers. But I don’t know what have changed in me. Today too  I am same mysterious girl. Who makes hell for the people whom she loves. I am not at all perfect. Like I speak lots of lies, I have hurt many people, I get jealous, I feel like hitting someone’s head with a big rock But with all these imperfections I love myself. I feel happy when I see myself in the mirror. I am an extreme introvert, I just stay silent at most of the places. I don’t mingle up with every next person. I love my own company. 

So, I am not an extraordinary girl. Actually, I am!  but in some fields I am like best in some criteria  but in some I am just zero while others things which I do is completely mediocre. Sometimes I like exaggerating myself but, its rare. Another rare fact about me I use too much of “Actually” and “Obviously”. 

To a fault I am scared of cats and dogs. People find them cute but my mind shows me danger zone. I like sitting under shady trees and counting leaves or doing something which no one even give a taught of doing. Or mostly I love doing is to roll myself in couch and read the book, peep in the character’s life.  

I love my family, that everyone does but actually I don’t admire staying with them. I just feel to elope with my best friend to those one of the islands of Indonesia. Finally my most important bad habit is that I am obsessed of clothes and fashion. I like gossiping anf give my advice to everyone. 

Hey, just now saw the blog of #Shabd Ragini. Thanks Gaurav it meant lot to me for mentioning me as special. I am really filled with Gratitude for you. 


Actually I haven’t done this before so

1. Shabd Ragini (save me ok) Gauri

2. TheUncertainties787



1.what is writing to you all? 

2. Define yourself in one word? 

3. Give me something slang name. 

Answers for PraneetShekhar

1.who or what inspires you? Inspiration I gain from everything near me its even sometimes the ants in kitchen. 

2. What was the first taught when you start writing?                                    First taught was like write something real, something which everyone should connect through. 

3 which is the favorite post of mine? Actually I have come in touch with you just a day ago but I have read mai chup rehta hun. And I liked it. 

4. What would you do if there is no blogging?                                                   Then I should jott it down on paper and click pictures and WhatsApp it to my best friend and ask her how’s it.                                                    

5. Where you would go to honeymoon?                                             Honestly speaking I haven’t taught about it. It won’t be just my only decision. But I will try to convince him to go to Amestradam.                                     

6. Which language would you like to learn?                                                       It depends where I will be living. 

7. Which is your favorite character?   Favorite character is Agustus waters from fault in our stars by Jhon Green. I will suggest everyone to read it.   

8.If you have one super power what it would be and why?                            Actually super power I want is something through which I can bring smile on someone’s face the simple reason is everyone is suffering from something else or other things and people forget to smile. 

9. Which are two words you will sum up your life, you have lived till now?  My life will be thrilling and unplanned.

🔟. What is love according to you?  Love is for me friendship with little attraction, love is giving without expecting in return. 

Now Shabd Ragini (Gaurav) 

Which type of image you perceive after reading my blog?                        Someone who understands world. The pain of people around, who write beautifully and yea whose vocabulary is too good. 

If by chance we would meet what would be the expectation from me? What would be the first question you would ask me?                               First of all I would be too glad to meet you, my expectations, I don’t know but yea my first question will hey, how are you?. 

Hash!! I am done. But I enjoyed answering. And please nominees you can even answer me in comment but please answer. 

Once again special thanks to Gaurav and Praneet. 

22 Replies to “First Post for nomination….. ”

  1. Hey, Roli. Congratulations!!
    But why you wrote only negetive points about you. Yeah, the world’s difficult question is to define your self, I agree. Believe me, I talked to you and I can say that you are sweet. Well, your answers are honest. And Thank you for nominate me, I’ll shortly answer your questions through a post.

    Liked by 1 person

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