Panic and terror developed in between the crowd.  

They trigger their Ak47 and people started falling, bleeding from different body parts. 

Blood shed from someone’s chest, someone’s head.

 People moan and groan, in pain. They were sheding tears, for loosing their loved one. 

Woman beat her chest wailing, by seeing her husband laying lifeless. 

Toddler ran aimlessly, howling in between those corpse. 

A girl sobbed quietly after realizing that she have become orphan. 

Old granny wished for death, laying injured between blood. 

Some lost legs, some hands, some would never see and some would never hear their loved one. 

Still, those demons were firing, firing with smile, with satisfaction. Firing in the name of almighty. 

They were not impel by that little toddler and little girl. 

They weren’t pity for women. 

They were ogre  dressed in human. Sympathy, pity and love they have never  taught  about. 

They butchered just for revenge. They assassinated hundreds of innocents. 

They spread voilance for the Supreme power. For religion,  for self reliable purposes. 

They killed hundreds of innocent  for getting paradise. An orthodox  reality.

There was hush and fear, mourning was spread in entire nation. 

Warriors fought bravely, on their lives, to save people. 

Candles were lit, for martyrs, for injured and prayers were done for their soul to rest in peace. 

 But no one said a word against those devils, they will be planning next murders. 

But loss of family, and pain in heart never would be healed. 

It would be alive in their hearts, all through their life…. 

Terrorism, on the name of religion, killing of innocents should be called at halt. 

Don’t you think this? It should happen….. 


24 Replies to “Terrorism ”

  1. Cut the roots that cause terrorism, that is lofty some individuals , steering those, nasty individuals, no religion be it major or minor teaches killing innocent human beings, in Syria small kids being killed, Palestine etc, massacre, like 1000 die each day. People caught in glitzy wall can’t see.

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    1. Political parties tan their skin in for asking votes. They roar at their extreme for eradicating terrorism. Even they vist the gloomy homes of victims for giving useless sympathy. But when they aquire power, they just forget all those promises

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