His Phone call…… 

Her evening was occupied, by his call. No matter what the other priorities were………. 

She dressed her self and made her imaginary questioner to give him the rounds of questions……..  

During sunset with birds chirping in their nest for dark, children playing on yo-yo, her peers giggling on some silly jokes, but she waited patiently for her phone to ring by his call…….. 

 Her  taughts were about him, whom she have never met in person with. Her intuition made her certitude him. She gave her heart to him…….. 

Soon his name flashes on her screen, making her eyes sparkle and cheeks blush. Her trembling voice contradict with his stirring utter…..  .

They talk and talk more about their huddled day. They give their words new way. They try to make the best of the time on their cell phones.  

They complain, they laugh, talk about the Facebook and Instagram. They have brief chat on sunsets and rain, with poetry versions of clouds. 

The time vaporizes soon, on calls. They say millions of times miss you with melancholic voice. She wished to touch him and feel the trigger of his breath on her head. 

He was unaware that he has sown the seed of love in her heart. The seed have begin to sprout giving her the sense of insecurity. 

Whenever he called her name she felt blessed, she was falling for his voice and chuckles. She felt she was living her best days of her life. 

Sometimes he was her motivator, sometimes alarm clock and sometimes healer. He was her best friend who made her laugh when she even can’t smile, only through his voice. 

She didn’t knew the consequences of loving him, but then too she did.  She was getting connected in a way that she feels she was with him seating in his Economics lectures. 

Only way to talk with him was phone calls. They can’t stare and lock their eyes. Distance, first time was killing her. 

But she was getting mold in beautiful formation in their virtual togetherness. She  can’t kiss, or cuddle but she had her mental vibes which made her dreaming of their doom. 

He was like a night pillow to her which soothes you after the  frenzied day, like a morning coffee which boost you for  all day, a rose bud which would bloom to winsome flower.

For him she was his best friend. He told her love you with buddy evince to it. Sometimes he dreamt of kissing her, sometimes tickling her. But his past was that which bothered in his present. 

He felt he was falling for her, he felt he was missing her more than usual. He felt he was overcoming his past with mulish girl. 

  They were together but apart, by thousands of miles. Both struggled to have a chat. To explore each other’s soul. 

They gave their best to overcome distance. They came out with new stories to tell each other.  

But it was she who had  loved him. With all her heart… 

But all she had with her was his phone call in sundown…….  
P. S:- hey, Guys today was my first day of college for B. A first year. And it was a morning college, I was extremely bored off since first lecture. So I decided to do my favorite task and started scribbling for this post in my political science notebook. I am glad that my last page of political science have my writing on it….. 

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  1. 😂😂yeah I did the same but their was a difference I.e. I had drawn my teacher’s sketch.😂😂 BTW I love this line “But she was getting mold in beautiful formation in their virtual togetherness. She  can’t kiss, or cuddle but she had her mental vibes which made her dreaming of their doom. ”
    Hey, give me your username of instagram….

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