Tom the Polar Bear….. 

Once upon a time there lived an infant polar bear. With shiny black eyes and milky white furs. His fur was so perfect that it seemed like a coat. He resided in Artic circle, near the north  pole. With him his parents and other bear’s folks lived in Snow desert. His parents named him as Tom. Tom was cute and mysterious kid. His taughts were always of new adventures. Swimming was his favorite hobby and everyday he worked on new techniques of swimming. Secondly he liked gliding from glaciers,he used to glide straight from the higest glaciers of Artic circle. He loved that white snow desert. His day was well spent on doing all the adventures possible on the glaciers flakes. Another thing which he loved was teasing Seleena for whom he had secret crush on. Seleena was cutest and hottest young sow. 

One fine morning sun aroused with declining its rays to fall on circle. The folks of bear went to sea ice for having their breakfast, slimy seals. But Tom, He was busy in finding out new swimming stunts. His thought  were not only about how to prey for seals but learning new things by practically doing it.  But to his ears felt the words of other bears. They were talking about the new world which exists beyond the snow desert. The world is more colorful and beautiful than white snow. More than that their is lots of adventures to do. The colorful world  have giants trees, small herbs, sweet fruits, buried roots and bulbs. Birds flying high in sky and various flowers with sweet fragrance. Tom got curious, about the new world which was colorful. Till now he had just seen vast snow desert and had eaten only seals. 

Tom got curious about the new world, he started developing desire of reaching that place. Living on soil and feeling the warmth of the sun. He was now imagining about his new adventures in colorful world. He took vow to himself that he will see the colorful world soon. So he decided to talk with his paa about it. When the sun departed for new beginning all the bears took their shelter. And Tom went to talk with his father. 

“Paa, is it real that any more colorful world exists?. Which have billions of colors?” Tom asked curiously.                “yes, there is a world which is more colorful than here. It is just like paradise my son.” his dad answered. “Why don’t we go there?”                       “we can’t survive, thinking about it is also death. Nature have created us to live in this snow desert. So appreciate it.”                                             “hmm.” Tom said without questioning further. 

Tom didn’t slept early that night, but when he did he dreamed  about the colorful world and adventure. Tom’s desire for eloping to colorful world was growing. 

Sun stretched in sky  lightning partially the snow desert. All folks wakep up and engaged themselves in same routine of hunting of seals. But Tom was on different mission today, he started gathering the useful information about the coloful world from elders and his peers. 

Reaching another continent was not that easy,  he have to swim all the Artic ocean together. Secondly his body had adapted cold climate and suddenly going in hot weather was fatal. “No I can and I will.” Tom said to himself, he was very determined to see coloful world. 

One early morning when everyone was dreaming about more slippery seals Tom left for his new adventure ‘Colorful View.’ He didn’t inform his parents but left a sign to Selina that he loved her. 

He started swimming, Tom was a very good swimmer and it was just like a chocolate pie for him. Along with good he was a fast swimmer, he was swimming around  526 miles per hour. He swum avoiding all big glaciers smoothly. Soon the temperature begun to rise and Tom sweated for the first time in his life. He was so determined that he didn’t realize when he reached the shore. He kept repeating to himself that he will survive and this mantra was helping him. He tasted for the first time the starfish which was more yummy than seals. He took rest for few hours and after refreshing he left for finding trees and lots of trees. 

It was not the situation that his body was adapting. He was feeling sick and restless. Hot sun was burning his fur. But he didn’t even give a thought  of going back. 

He started walking with firm determination. He walked various miles and found a dense forest. With lots of trees and birds chirping in nest. The place was scented with fragrance of flowers. He have never seen this much of colors in his life. Adorable he taught. He tasted herbs and sweet fruits, saw different creatures, viewed the high flight of birds. No more the sun rays were harm to him. His body was adapting to new environment. He started doing there various adventures, like climbing trees. Swimming in rivers. AND many more. His new home was a cave in forest. New friends were different black bears and monkeys. He was happy and content but he never made his limits upto only finding colorful world. Everyday he gave himself new challenges and learned new things by doing it practically. He loved his life and never cursed his destiny like other polar bears who had limited themselves only to Artic circle. 

But sometimes he missed Seleena and wished he would had brought her along with him. 

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