An Eye..

I can know is it day or night, I have seen the wonders like sunset & sunrise. 

I can twinkle and flicker with love and compassion. Nature’s truth bides in me. 

I can smile without lips and speak without words. Its me who initiate each conversation. 

I can feel the alchemy of love, with brilliant spark in me. I glitter and gesture about it.

 I can dream about gaining impossibilities. In silent and cold night. 

I am like an innocent child,who only knows the words of honesty. I feel euphoria even if the raindrop fell on my lids. 

I am the  deep ocean, only few can reach it’s depth. More you come closer the view of my beating heart will get its pace. 

I cry tears, when I am at pain. Only when I am done with emotional games. 

I chat a lot everyday, by seeing all the choas around. But only those can  hear me who have their path in my heart . 

I am golden shied by the zeal of love. I smile silently on the emerging emotions. Staring till heaven. 

I am the beginning of  every relation and its end too. I bliss the person and let it go away too. 

I aim to love, the charming creations. Sometimes I hate nasty. I am fond of rainbow but not that grey clouds. 

I shed tears in dismay as well as in joy. Letting world to know about my existence in every turns of entity. 

I am stubborn and mulish, never give up on things which I like. I fluently present myself  with confidence and boldness. 

Love with me is more intimate, which all can’t afford. I am little dork and numb, people scare to take step ahead. 

I can wink and give you hopes, but even I can squint and confuse you. I just don’t  see but can feel and express too.  


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