I am your Mother……. πŸ’™ πŸ’™Β 

You have begun your life within me. You originated in me without any acknowledgement.

Bit by bit you blossomed in my unknown garden. Hiding from the world letting only me to feel you.

Your heart throbbed slowly, earlier. Making me content and complete. Soon the nature created your feet too.

You crawled in my womb, stirring yourself in my veins. Making me to notice you and I smiled at your delicate moves.

I chatted with you every stary night before falling asleep. I was nauseated but I still ate for you.

It wasn’t the love at first sight my child. It was pure and holy love which gives chills in spine.

Then, you were ready to open your eyes. To feel the moon’s coldness and the sun’s heat. You were ready to know the wonders of the world.

It was the day I would be seeing you from naked eyes. Embrace you in my arms and love you with open heart.

Though the labor pain was killing me. Making me to scream and moan. I felt to let my breath to stop and attain eternity. But to give you sight of world, stopped me.

You arrived by floating and sliding from me. You cried loud to see me suffering. I saw your little feet and palms painted with my blood.

I smiled by seeing your slumbering face. Hugged your tender body. It was you who was in my arms, but it was me who melted with joy.

Nature gave me the most precious gift. You gave me the role of mother. I was being completed by your birth. You gave me the new life and reason to live.

I have fed you in silent nights, when world slept we both stared and exchanged glances in calmed nights.

I have rushed after you to protect you from falling down. Helped you to take your first steps, when you were trembling on your feet.

I know the pain, which you feel after bruising knees. Whenever you cry, I would see my soul shedding tears.

I read your eyes, and my understanding about you is deeper than ocean. I love you the most in different ways everyday.

You are the most beautiful creature on this planet for me. I am your Mother baby. Who have sacrificed many things still wish to do more.


12 Replies to “I am your Mother……. πŸ’™ πŸ’™Β ”

  1. Do you know Roli, the second most painful thing for a human is giving birth after burning alive. That is why mother is mother and the most difficult thing for a child is to take their first breath. Btw how are you? And this post is amazing.

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