Don’t leave my dreams.. 

I was going, leaving you behind, carrying your memories with me. It wasn’t destined to happen, it was you who wanted this.

The moments with you will be permanently stored in my heart. With pinch of regret that I can’t make them more with you now.

The very first sight of you is still crisp in my thoughts. Your big round dangles dancing as you walked in hurtle.

The day we first talked , my thoughts wrapped you, gluing in the name of love. I am wretched that I can’t hear you voice again.

I still recall your squinted eyes and shrunken nose, that you made when I pretended to not to understand your joke. Still I smile and wish you would do more and further more.

I never can forget, you are allergic to green chillies. I changed my preference of spicy to sweet. For my sweetheart that she doesn’t get fits of coughing.

How can I forsake your craze for shopping and reading. I always dreamed of doing the same with you, in cozy places.

We kissed, and took regard for each other but I was in love forever with you, while you in love for favors. You were hurricane with high velocity, who shook my spirit from within.

I can’t blame you for this sweetie, you will be my weakness in my life. Just do one last favor don’t leave my dreams ever.


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