Our India…… 

For 15th of August is just two days are left and everyone in India are getting ready to get patriotic. It’s a long back tradition going on in India and as being typical Indian, I thought to show my patriotism too. Everyone had praised and criticized India in different ways. Everyone have talked about our national leaders and there freedom struggles. There different ways of nonviolence revolution!!! How they desired to imbibe liberty, equality and fraternity in our India. They worked day and night for forming our constitution, for giving the government a one single rule book to run the country. Our constitution have adopted all the best things from all over the world. Our constitution explains each and every act in detail, so it is considered as largest constitution in the world. It is considered as nobility in constitution. 

But, then too what our country is today. After 70 years of Independence too do we proper democracy in our country? Are we actually proud for our country?  Or we simply blurt out what we have heard from generations to generations. It’s not like we don’t have proper rules and regulations, but all those are only limited and listed in constitution. It’s not seen following in our nation. Above all the rules there is a rule of “CHALTA HAI.”  It is prohibited to smoke in public, but though we might be coughing badly but we can’t say them with authority to not to smoke. These small rules are unfollwed without any fear of punishment. 

People who secure our laws are corrupt in very most times. In India instead of feeling safe we Indians get scared when we see cops. Our Indian cops are the best example of how to break rules without fear, if you get stuck in some unusual situations then our fuzzs have unwritten rules for  procrastinating the case or bribe us for getting in unearthly situation by mistake instead of helping us.  I have even seen the cops asking third party for what to do? Whether to fine or F.I.R. This what our India is.

My India, our India, his India, her India. Secularism  was added in preamble of our constitution for showing religious unity, but today whenever whichever newscasts you open and we will find the people hurting each other’s religious sentiments. This what the secularism means?? Or we simply joke about it. All the disputes of culture, linguistic basis makes our India’s condition worse. For all these one who is responsible is we. I, you and us. 

We even fight for tolerance and intolerance in us. I have distinct view on this and according to me we are very tolerant, like we never stop people from breaking rules instead we suffer all the mishap silently. Like it’s completely forbid for screaming in hospitals. For spitting in public places but we tolerate all this right?? And secondly we are completely intolerant too. We can’t hear a single thing against our religion. We simply are ready for killing anyone if someone criticizes something going wrong in our traditions. It’s like on the point of culture and religion basis we have kept our self on ignition, only one little acceleration and we are ready to move for even burning someone alive. But the things which really matters, we are blind towards it. I think not blind but simply we are just ignorant about it. 

This what our India is, where rules are mirage. Which we feel it is there but in reality ut doesn’t exist. If we are so prone to western culture, like celebrating 31st have become a compulsory tradition like burning diyas in diwali. So why not we accept the things which really are good for us. Like respecting each and every one’s thoughts. Doing something for country…. 

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