But I love my Nation…..

I flew high in the vast sky,

In the search for my fills.

Under blue sheet of the sky,

It was a immense thrill.


I landed on the home,

Who worshiped moon.

Wearing round cap on dome.

Fed me grains, as a boon.


I set off again to fly high,

With the swollen chest.

For my nation, I sighed,

Unity in diversity, was blessed.


I came across a hut,

Entrance had fragrance stick.

With ringing bells, and guts.

They gave me water to drink.


My journey in infinity,

Was getting divine.

By the love from all community.

I was sure this nation was mine.


It wore the Himalayan crown,

Arabian washing it’s feet.

Eastern had greenery grown,

With west in white desert sheet.


Numbers of languages spoken,

With lots of it’s dialects.

Distinct culture are under taken,

People engrossed in lots of facts.


But there are black holes,

Sustaining in my mother land.

Of bribery, blood shed and riot,

termites eating strand by strand.


But I am free and delighted,

In tri-color of my nation.

Sun’s beam heavenly, is vibrant,

Moon is cold in wind aggression.

But I am in love with my nation.


P. S:-**** these represent end of paragraph!!

Happy 70 years of freedom to every proud Indian. I am happy to share this with you all. Being an Indian who is proud of it’s diversity and distinct identity in the world. While also in concerned with the issues affecting my mother land…….

14 Replies to “But I love my Nation…..”

  1. Well written. You only not pointed out the negative but also positive. And happy independence day. But bribery, blood shed and riots are the problem of whole India. Yes, it is little less in metro cities. BTW, it is the best and truly said poem I’ve read ever. You know people write either aggressive or negative views but your poem is balanced.

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