Meeting you was an accident. Being friend with me was your choice. We were chalk and cheese but we were eminent chums who can’t sit devoice.


You were girl with long curly hairs, I was with short one. Both were pretty in their own way. Checking each and every boy, and asking each other “what say?”


We were partners in crime, backers in each other’s void. We laughed enormously and frequently had cried.


I know your darkest secrets keeping them lock inside me. You know who I am, more than anyone would ever perceive me.


But, suddenly time changed and we grew apart. You went your own way, leaving me a far. This was the first time our appartitions were at bizarre.


I tried to stop you, remembering all old times. “Friends never ditch”, you told me once upon a time. But, something we have always done out of the box, this what you was doing this time.


You ignored me today as the way we used to ignore the people who were bane. My soul crashed from knowing that the best friend have become stranger again……




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