We are Indians not Chini……

I am tired of this racial gulf between us.

We are Indians but oftentimes mistaken as Chinese.

I am victim of racism, in this era it’s disgust.

You all have bought me to crisis.


I am blonde, with almond eyes.

Straight hairs and short stature.

But sexually we are harassed on high.

I am not open for you to use me, I never makes such gestures.


You have killed my brothers and sisters,

By sticks and rods till they breath last.

But though our news doesn’t become block blusters,

I am left out from federation, but all these news don’t get cast..


I agree we have different names,

Different cultures and rituals.

But we are Indians and patriotism in our hearts flames

We respect martyrs as well as tricolour.


I am bullied and tortured. In offices ,at schools and colleges.

You get enraged by seeing me, in malls , theatres and parks.

You all think I might be a prostitute who doesn’t hold grudges.

But, I am a human being, Who is pushed forcibly in dark.


Playing in laps of green valleys I have grown.

I have quirk of first sun rise with orangey shades in sky.

I have lost in shivaliks and felt piercing of thorns.

For that splendor nature, million times I can die.


I am also an Indian,living in development deprived states.

My Mongolian feature doesn’t mean I should be discriminated.

I will belong to this ethnic land,as it is in my trait.

All these I wanted to say, treat me with love not hatred…



17 Replies to “We are Indians not Chini……”

  1. yah har kahi ho raha hai kahi dharm ke naam par kahi raajnetik party ko support karne ke naam par kahi jaati varn sanskriti sabhyata or na jaane kya kya wajaho se logo ko mara ja raha ham yah bhul jate hai ki ham bhartiya hai

    logo ko unke chehre pehnawe se identitify karke target kiya ja raha yah sab ek loktantrik desh ke loktantra ke liye khatra hai ek

    #loktantra v/s #Bhidtantra

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  2. Roli dear, this treatment is really disgusting. We love you. Some have that mind set they are with very low self esteem, but believe me given chance they will treat every human especially women like this to hide their impotency. It’s disheartening. They don’t themselves so they hate everyone.

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