He isn’t you :-(

He brings me flowers, but doesn’t know which one I admire.

He brings me gifts, but oblivious about what I like.

He kisses me, wetting my frons. But my heart feels it’s a conspire.

He brings me chocolates, calls me love. But in my mind it’s you who strikes.


How better you perceived me, giving my soul final touch of love.

How keenely you loved me, detaching me from the world.

You took me to the paradise, my infinite insecurities you hove.

You promised me to stay forever, wrapped in my arms curled.


I try to find you in him, in his eyes and in his kiss. But fail to espy you in anything.

I look for us, in dusk and dawn. In his jokes and hugs & in his intimacy.

I wish for you, and my prayers are for you, in my dreams you are only my King.

I miss you in silent of the moon, I miss you in first ray of the sun. I try to see you in toddler’s innocency.


I say white lies that I am over you. That I have let you to surpass from my heart.

Truth says, I miss you everyday. It’s unbearable to breath in solace in absence of you.

I try to fall in love, make my cheeks blush. I try to be a valiant to begin a new start.

I rise and then fall. But aspire for your hands to hold me. My soul tear apart in rue for loosing you.


He is like a shadow in light. Present but like absent.

His love is impotent to calm my havoc. He is out of range to my turmoil.

He is not you, you ain’t with me. I am shattered in parts but act like a lady who is pretty decent.

Our untamed love is left incomplete. I can’t be flesh and blood again with simon pure smile.


I yen we haven’t split so effortlessly. I wished I stopped you from leaving me alone.

I feel to live those promises,made in an open sky. I yearn for episode your breath on my chin.

Our Alchemy was a fairy tale. We never hurt in knowing, we were the best pair known.

Why didn’t you belay us from drifting apart? Why didn’t you tell me that this partition was a sin.




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