Sitting on the coiled sheets in,

Milieu of sleeping sun and escorted with chill.

For soreness in heart, this ailment needs pill,

Deep turmoil slaying me in dim.


Empty and void parts all choked,

With agony and distress.

Only the pain I have witnessed,

From the people I have loved.


All they leave me on the way,

Which is gritty and full of potholes.

They fade and abandon my soul,

Like a serpent leaves after stinging in day.


I have fallen for once,

In walking for my life.

Bees too fail in piling hives,

At end they make a lucid craft.


I am all alone in the crowd,

I am my own warrior.

I have to be my own saviour,

I have to be furious and loud.


Mind it; the blooms never nadir it’s scent,

Even after it dies or dries.

I won’t fed up, of my tries,

Though if it is tough sun or bitter snow.


They might have left me,

By espy of my black sand.

They never knew the land,

Jilted and barren, too blossoms sometimes.


But the hope is just four letter word.

While the whole life is despair.

Spring is boon with blooms, autumn faces bare bough.

But these unalike twins smirk and come every year.


I will let them go, who want to.

But will immune my heart,

Fortify my soul with people of worth.

I will learn to smile more, less to rue.


12 Replies to “Robust….”

  1. First stanza
    Line 2—‘milieu’ should be capital.
    Second stanza
    Line 3–it should be ‘witnessed’.
    Fourth stanza
    First line–I have ‘fallen’
    Sixth stanza
    Fourth line–I don’t know why you have used ‘though if’…. you couod have used ‘whether’.
    But the poem is very good❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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