More or less

More or less we are apart and together.

We bear kinship with love and bicker.

We are hooked to each other,

From time we are juniors to seniors.


More or less we are friends and foes,

Who need timely anger dozes.

This alliance is unique in many ways,

It’s escorted by hate with milieu of love.


More or less we are convinced and bemused,

Do we love or hate each other ?

Our fights never end so the love gets amused,

By our panache behaviour.


Dinning table a parliament house,

Bed a boxing ring, oh! We scream when we see mouse.

More or less together we laugh and cry,

But at same pace we want to touch the sky.


More or less we greet and ignore.

Our choices never together touch the shore,

Yea, right we are completely unalike souls.

Fasten together to play different roles.


More or less we appreciate and overlook,

Each other’s presence and our love stays at nook.

We scowl when we are spied.

In unison we go for a bicycle ride.


One can’t imagine sister and brother,

Without fights and bickers.

They aren’t made for each other type,

But they will be always there for our tears to wipe.


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