A day will come…

A day will come, when eyes will be empty and lips will be reckless to speak something but will be shining with faded smile.

Your memories will be like a print, in an “Old cloth.” Vague and blur. Traceable only for a while.

A day will come when you will be happy in your life and I will be happy for “Yours.”

You will not care for me and I will not care for myself.

A day will come when linings on my temple will get darker and heart will be heavy with our memories getting sharper.

But I will love you anyways and you will love “Yourself” in everyway.

A day will come when my hot cup of tea will loose it’s steam. Getting impatient of my habit to forget.

I can forget the hot tea, the roses, the sky, the titles of book. But I can’t forget you. Yes, you and only you.

A day will come when I will be tired and restless and will start to write about you. About our memories and dreams that didn’t come true.

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