They are astonishing creatures,

With quirky features.

They live doing ding-dong,

With words in illusionary bong.


They let us know the people,

Their mould, legacy and regal.

They let us to drown in them,

They let us to love them.


They create an intimacy,

Its a tryst but not conspiracy.

They come in lives to not to leave,

But to stay and millions things to give.


We can hold them in day,

And love them at night,

Every time they have new tale to say.

From loneliness they rescue us as our Knight.


They travel us to the world,

While we are lazy and curled.

Not moving an inch.

Without tickets or bags to winch.


They admire us as their best folks.

In silent nights they were the one,

With whom we spoke.

They hug us when we are done.

They leave us numb,

Pain stored in them make us mum

They make us smile and let us weep.

In new pages, tight and crisp.


They be with us in our desert.

They heal us when we are hurt.

They pick our soul to love,

They are a bliss in cove.


They win our hearts,

They line us that living is an art.

They mingle with us in our entity,

Giving us an unique identity.


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