Love ❤

The emotion which comes secretly.

Teaches discretely.

It makes you oblivion, scary and crazy.

With doing nothing you stay busy.


You can trade anything for love.

Feels like the command coming from above.

You loose your six senses in it.

You forget to sleep and eat.


But you loose “ME” in building “US.”

You start cherishing all the disgusts,

With smile and opean heart.

It hurts when your loved one is apart.


Love breaks you in pieces.

Love is only responsible for caprices.

Your own patience get amused.

After seeing you smile, though your heart is bruised.


The love drench you,

It burns you in through.

It will kill you, though you will be living.

It will bring you despair, still you be believing.


Love is tricky,

It feels you with jealousy and insecurity.

The colour of love is different, Boss!!

Everyone’s Love is unique and gross.



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15 Replies to “Love ❤”

  1. Love is ultimate destination, and it’s very well known fact that being in a way to reach a destination, you have to go through hurdles, pain, wounds, and so on. All we do is walk, stop, rest and walk till we reach there. We all live to be loved, and that’s the only fact one must understand.

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