Brown skin..

My skin tone is dark brown.
Is it so I am not the beautiful girl in the town ??
Since age six I have applied layers of fairness cream.
Just for futile reason that people likes girls with skin fair and body slim and trim..

Fat or brown is considered ugly
No one likes dusky and bubbly.
Though I have my own opinions
But my sound is muted,
As no one wants dark girls as their life’s companion.

I am the colour of strong tea,
Everyone loves the beverage, whatever the colour it be.
They call me wheatish,
So why not the fair skin you call riceish??

White European features this what attracts boys.
Come-on boys be a man,
Choose a girl who will stand with you in all your plans.

They need big breasts,
With thin waist.
But no one cares for quality heart.
Remember, The Taj too gets soiled by dirt.

One must know the vital difference between;
Looking good,
And actually being good.

Don’t look for bride or groom to be with a fair skin,
But look for,
The One, who treats everyone fairly.

Paste of haldi or ubtan,
Advised to use sunscream to protect from tanning
To lighten the colour of skin,
Bloody world keeps giving tantrums to innocent teen.

Why can’t I embrace my own colour,
The way you do to your toddler.
What’s wrong in being brown??
Does it make me look like clown?

Look for the pure soul,
Ultimately the soul plays the crucial role.
In life;
Beauty is like rainbow,
Only to mesmerise the eyes.
But rain is what makes the life go.

Being brown doesn’t make me ugly,
But It’s your mindset that you see me that way.
Embracing my colour I actually look great!!!


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