I don’t feel the same

That time in a day when sky embraces orange colour just to welcome dark night , has it’s own different charisma. Birds empty once their home; sky, to let the stars take their places. The breeze walks slowly giving welcome greetings to the moon. Night waits on the door step, as usual it waits a little more, to let us see this adieu of the Sun and the Welcome of the stars and the moon.
I can hear the bell ringing and mantras chants from the temple. I can see children and toddlers playing around. There is even a warm coffee mug in my hand, the aroma of coffee is pacifying my nostrils. But still heart yearns for something, which is vague, maybe my heart yearns for you or your three rings call on landline. Which was a sign to draw my attention that you are waiting for me downstairs, to go for long walk, sometimes hand in hand sometimes just walking with hands in pocket and kicking pebbles. Having frequent eye contacts and laughing and talking about everything going on in our head. It was a meditation where we both of us were at that very moment, we neither cared about what happened or what will happen. It was just you and I with night suffusing in the azure sky. Such a halcyon it was!
Hm. Maybe I miss this or maybe I don’t, but now this orange sky, birds flying to their nests, stars twinkling, moon getting brighter, bells ringing, warm coffee doesn’t feel the same. Only because now my landline never gets three rings call !

After a very long gap!

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