Killed was HUMANITY. ..

(Everyone expect to write something relatable. Something about love, something about pain. But today what I am gonna write will be relatable with you and me. Because I am gonna write about humanity. I am gonna describe The pain which humanity faced after seeing Praduman laying dead in bathroom. I am gonna describe not the Praduaman’s death but the murder of kindness and tenderness of soul. It’s shocking when you hear that Praduaman was just a random boy who was killed by his own school mate just because, that school mate wants his exam to get postponed. This can happen with you and me. Or any random student in the school.)

Here the narrator is humanity herself.

I was paused and frightened. I was reckless and helpless. Again I was going to be killed in small room. Again I was going to get smothre in pieces. I prayed, I begged to the young teen ager to stop and drop that sharp weapon on white tile. I requested him not to paint this floor with blood. I tried showing him the the docile and scandalized eyes of the little boy whom he was holding with tight grip. But he didn’t buy my pleads. He ran the knife through his neck rupturing the toddler’s vocal cords. I was numb and scared. I felt the pain of death once more. I experienced the bleeding of the 6 year old. Toddler breath his last breath and my last hope also left me.

But it wasn’t just the murder of the 6 year old but it was a double murder. I also died with the decent child. His mother didn’t lost only her son but she lost her trust in me and kindness. It was not the question about the teen ager but it was a doubt on his upbringing. It was a slap on his moral values. It was something that can’t be explain in words. The stream of blood from the 6 year old was doubting my existence. Her mother’s screams were vulnerable made me look as the matter of imagination. His Father considered me ghoul.

This what is happening each day to me. I am sometimes killed in flats, in schools and even in hospitals. Everyone on this planet had lost trust in me. Most of them have kicked me out of their souls. Now I hear that world is modernizing. Everyone is singing the song of mordernism. But I know if I would be killed like this everyday the whole human race will come to extinction. Because I am not made from human but humans are made of me. I am their soul ingredient. Which they are throwing out of them daily…

8 Replies to “Killed was HUMANITY. ..”

    1. It’s true. It should be mourning for whole nation. We Indians are known for being gentel and feeling the pain of even the strangers but now the way our India is going is completely a wrong path. We give children all the new devices but we are too busy for giving them moral values. Now we are growing only be knowledgeable without being a good human being. We must rectify it or their will be no difference between demons that we read in Raamayana and us.


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