Just a second

Collecting guts, again I am pushing myself in thoughts of us.

Here I reveal the truth, every day there is a thought in my meadows and I blush.

But I know in a day or it’s hour or even for a small nano second I must be in your mind.

For more or little, like a blessing or curse you must be amused how in my love you have gone blind.

In black bleeding nights or in bold days you must be missing me and my presence.

You must have gone freak in the dry day. Tired and low in remembering filthy me.

I know the first love. The love and the person is not easily riddance.

The taste of love always stays in heart. This is why I know you must be remembering me.

I am assured that I am in your mind. Maybe not for day or hours but for just a second or a nano second.

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